Tax Advisory

ASC's services on taxation matters encompass consultancy on Direct and Indirect taxation matters as well as handling the grass root level execution of a vast range of tax requirements, covering diverse statutes.ASC monitors and attends to all the compliance requirements of its clients with respect to provisions of Tax Laws along with tax planning.
The tax related expertise enables firm to offer effective advisory services in the following specific areas:

Corporate Tax: A crucial aspect of doing business in India is corporate taxation and regulatory compliances are increasingly complex and ever-changing. It is crucial to understand the developments in regulatory and tax requirements, their impact on your business and using them strategically to your advantage. Keeping pace with new compliances and meeting them becomes a daunting task for most businesses. In a highly competitive landscape, aligning your tax strategy to your business strategy is a critical part of optimizing profit margins.

At ASC, we understand that effective tax planning for enterprises requires both technical resources and in-depth knowledge of each client’s unique financial situation. Our network of experienced tax professionals can assist in resolving various tax challenges to your business and keeping abreast with tax regulations. Our professionals bring innovative and insightful approaches to a variety of intricate tax issues. Backed by the knowledge and resources of our extensive national network, ASC delivers comprehensive tax advisory and compliance services designed specifically to meet your needs.
ASC’s Direct Tax Practice draws on experience and relationships across a virtually all industries, to ensure that our clients derive the greatest tax benefit possible. Our services span the full spectrum of tax planning, compliance, and advisory, helping clients keep up with the tax laws and other regulatory changes. Our methods are both immersive and holistic; and everything is approached with awareness of the total tax and financial position.

1    Tax Planning
2    Tax Housekeeping
3    Tax Health Check-up
4    HNI Tax Management
5    Taxation of Trust
6    Registration & Compliance Management
7    Withholding Tax Advisory & Compliance Support
8    DTC, GAAR, THIN CAP & CFC Advice

Transfer Pricing: Countries all over the world are applying greater scrutiny – and calling for stricter regulations – on transfer pricing practices. However, the many complexities of transfer pricing provide a variety of opportunities to optimize profits, increase cash flows, and make effective arrangements for your international transactions.
As Revenue Authorities across the Globe tighten their Transfer Pricing (TP) Regulations, Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) seem increasingly vulnerable to transfer pricing adjustments that may lead to an increase in overall tax cost to the group. It is now common knowledge that Transfer Pricing is the most litigious tax issue worldwide, resulting in protracted litigation. Tax heads of MNEs need to keep abreast of the dynamics of TP Regulations across all jurisdictions, enable compliance in each such jurisdiction and adopt an appropriate risk mitigation strategy. The absence of information in the public domain regarding Industry Best Practices, further complicates matters.
ASC India’s Transfer Pricing Practice, consisting of Partners & Managers who specialize in the subject, handle complex advisory and structuring assignments that mandate coverage of multiple Tax Jurisdictions across the world. Aided by dedicated transfer pricing practitioners around the ASC network, we provide a range of planning, compliance and benchmarking services. We can work with you to develop transfer pricing policies that are defensible, flexible and in line with your overall tax planning strategies.  

Transfer Pricing Policy:
MNEs opt for standardizing their Transfer Pricing policy for intra-group transactions, inter alia; to meet with the demands of the respective Tax Jurisdictions they operate in. In this domain; ASC India, along with its Global Tax Advisory service, helps MNEs in formulating TP Policy that may be implemented uniformly within the Group.
1    Due Diligence / Health Check-up
2    Intangibles & IP Migrations
3    Financial Transactions, Cost Sharing & Intra Group Services
4    Drafting & Review of Inter-company Agreements
5    Representation, Litigation, Map & Apas
6    Domestic Transfer Pricing
7    Audit, Certification & Study Report
Expatriate Taxation: We structure remuneration package for expatriates in most tax efficient manner while ensuring compliance with Indian Tax Laws.

International Taxation: We help our clients to structure the international transactions in the best possible manner to optimize tax incidence. The advisory services are based on consideration of various Tax Laws, Double Taxation Treaties etc.

Cross Border Taxation: While it is primarily business considerations that drive overseas investment decisions, tax and regulatory aspects also play an important role in the decision-making process.  Optimizing the overall tax burden and aligning the tax function to the business strategy has become more crucial than ever for businesses. We, at ASC India, strongly believe that entrepreneurs should focus on their businesses, without having to worry about the repercussions under the tax and regulatory framework in the chosen investment destination.
At ASC India, our approach is to first understand the business rationale behind an investment decision and provide solutions that are tailored to the needs of the business, sector and the time sensitive requirements. We provide customized solutions under the following broad categories:
1  Cross Border Structuring
2  Inbound / Outbound Investments
3  Transaction & Income Structuring
4  Tax Risk Management
5  Cash Optimization Planning & Support

Our internal knowledge management process includes real-time updating on the potential tax developments in India   and other chosen key Jurisdictions across the globe, which could probably impact your investment decision.


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