Performance Improvement Studies

In a competitive environment, all companies seek performance improvement. Improving the performance of companies usually begins with an appraisal of performance (i.e. finding out what was achieved against plan and the reasons behind it). It may also involve changing the company’s organizational structure, adopting cost control measures, introducing productivity improvement strategies or changing the culture of the company.

At the higher levels, it may involve the adoption of quality as a business philosophy in order to be able to meet the standards of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) and foreign associates. On the other hand, a company may need to restructure its business processes in order to reduce waste and cost and create a “new” organization that is customer focused.

ASC’s Risk Advisory Practice brings a fresh approach to Performance Improvement by combining consulting best practice with a deep understanding of the way your business operates. We work in partnership with our clients to deliver sustainable operational and strategic change in an increasingly complex and challenging environment. At the heart of our approach is a focus on action, creating high trust environments and monitoring lead indicators.

Our Performance Improvement assistance is given through the following services:

1        Performance appraisal
2       Organization restructuring
3         Development of cost control and profit improvement programmes
4        Business reactivation, corporate recovery and reconstruction
5         Productivity improvement
6         Needs assessment and prioritization

We work closely with your management team to evaluate your business, identify probable issues that may affect your performance and discover comprehensive solutions that drive results. We are committed to improving your business by leveraging our knowledge, perspective.

Our team takes a multi-disciplinary approach to innovate and implement financial systems, manage and improve your current financial model and enhance your performance management system. Additionally, our team works with you to design and implement an effective market strategy, improve your marketing performance and accelerate your collection process.
ASC India will help you achieve results no matter the scale, complexity, location or business challenge.


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