Enterprise Risk Management

A mounting focus on corporate governance and increasingly stringent legislative requirements are compelling boards of directors to view, assess and mitigate risk on a priority basis. Boards are required to participate in the development of their organization’s strategic vision and must ensure that the appropriate controls and procedures are in place to identify and monitor the business risks that naturally arise as a result of their business strategy. As a result, enterprise risk management (ERM) strategies and best practices are quickly ascending to the top of many corporate agendas. A formal ERM strategy creates a culture of risk awareness within the organization, enables better business performance, strengthens the internal controls structure and establishes accountability for goals and objectives.

ASC’s ERM is a general, on-going operational assessment which identifies potential risks that could prevent a company from meeting its strategic goals and objectives. It is a continuous initiative that steers your organization away from potential trouble. All organizational divisions across an organization are responsible for mitigating risks in its area of business, using strategies and processes outlined by the company’s main risk management team.

Our ERM strategy ensures that your company will be able to not only mitigate risk, but proactively manage inherent risks. We help your business meet critical goals and objectives; and steer your company towards success. Our ERM service offerings range in nature and are tailored to meet your organization’s individual needs. Practical and proactive ERM strategies can help an organization meet strategic organizational goals and objectives and lead to new heights of success.

Our experienced Risk Advisory Services team can assist you with the following types of ERM-related projects:

1       Identifying or validating your business risk registry or universe
2   Establishing an ERM policy, framework and ERM program, which seamlessly blends in with the size and culture of your         organization.
3      Evaluating your current ERM program or process and provide a benchmark against similar organizations
4     Integrating your ERM program with other established corporate governance initiatives, such as   CEO/CFOcertification, business          continuity management, internal audit and other initiatives.


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